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Smart Video Doorbell

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Our Smart Video Doorbell camera has an expansive 150° vertical Field of View (FOV), allowing you to monitor the entire doorway area. In addition, two-way audio and full portrait viewing in the mobile app make it easier to speak with visitors and see when packages are delivered. Plus, it uses video analytics to minimize false-positive motion detection and to enable rapid detection of people, so you receive alerts even if visitors don't ring the bell.

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  • Expansive FOV (150° V, 115° H)
  • Full HD video resolution
  • High dynamic range (HDR) with IR Night Vision
  • People Detection for relevant notifications
  • Two-Way Audio through the mobile app
  • Battery heater for low-temperature operation
  • 2x2 antenna for improved Wi-Fi range
  • Compatible with existing doorbell transformers (requires 16-30 VAC, 10 VA)
  • Compatible with mechanical and digital chimes