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Smart Thermostat

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The Smart Thermostat gives you complete control of your home's temperature directly from the palm of your hand. With responsive features your Smart Thermostat can automatically respond to activity in the home, occupancy, and weather patterns. Years). Its the best way to turn every light socket in your home into a “smart” light.

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  • Works with Almost Any Heating and Cooling System, Including Up to 3 Stages of Heat and 2 Stages of Cooling, Heat Pumps, and Dual Fan Systems
  • Add Up to 5 Thermostats for Your Home
  • Can Operate on AA Batteries for up to 18 Months or From Common Wire Power Supply
  • Automated Triggers Work with Locks and Security Sensors in your Home to Provide Automatic Thermostat Changes Based Upon these Triggers
  • Create Location Rules Relative to your Mobile Device and Receive Notifications of Temperature Changes